Hart Council launches Local Plan consultation

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Hart Council has launched a Regulation 18 consultation into the draft Local Plan. The consultation will be open until 5pm on 9 June 2017.

Drop in sessions will be running at the following dates and locations:

  • Tuesday 2 May – 2pm to 8pm – Hook Community Centre, RG27 9NN
  • Wednesday 3 May – 2pm to 8pm – The Harlington Centre, Fleet, GU51 4BY
  • Monday 8 May – 2pm to 8pm – Victoria Hall, Hartley Wintney, RG27 8RE
  • Wednesday 10 May – 2pm to 8pm – The Tythings, Yateley, GU46 7RP
  • Thursday 11 May – 2pm to 8pm – Ridley Hall, South Warnborough, RG29 1RQ
  • Monday 15 May – 4.30pm to 8pm – Hawley Leisure Centre, GU17 9BW

The consultation materials can be found here.

Once we have had chance to absorb all the materials, we will be posting our advice on how to respond to the consultation.

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  1. I attended the consultation exhibition in the Harlington Centre in Fleet yesterday afternoon. It consisted of a number of large charts arranged around the small function room with Council officials on hand to answer questions. For those who follow the Facebook postings by the various interest groups there was not a great deal that was not already known.

    In summary, Hart DC has to build 10,800 or so new homes by 2032 and the purpose of the consultation is to publicise where the 5000 (approximately) homes still to approved are to be built. The proposal concentrates on 4 main sites with smaller numbers dotted around the outlying areas of the district. The main sites are Hartland Park, Murrell Green, Cross Farm and the fourth has slipped my memory at the moment. I asked about the gas main under the Murrell Green site and was assured that all development will be outside the proscribed area surrounding the main, so it seems that the gas main is not seen as an obstacle.

    What I wish I had asked is whether the 5300 (approximately) homes already approved or under construction includes the Grove Farm or Pale Lane sites. Presumably not, as neither has been given formal planning permission yet, but it would have been useful to have clarification on both, particularly Grove Farm as the last I heard is that an appeal to the Secretary of State is pending.

    • Dermot Staybaker. Thanks for the update. Grove Farm and Pale Lane are not in the Local Plan.

      We really need to challenge the 10,000 number. It is 2,000+ over the already inflated 8,000 SHMA figure.

      Totally ridiculous.

      It’s clear from the Murrell Green sustainability assessment and master plan that they didn’t take the gas main into account at all. For instance the primary school is right on top of it.

      That means they need to make dramatic changes to the proposals at the very least. This may affect the viability of the plan.

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