Stop Shapley Heath

Welcome to our series of articles explaining why the Shapley Heath Garden Village is a bad idea. We cover:

  • What is Shapley Heath, explaining its location and scale?
  • All the reasons why Shapley Heath is a bad idea
  • An outline of an alternative approach to long term planning in Hart

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STOP Shapley Heath

What is Shapley Heath Garden Village?

Shapley Heath is a proposal to build up to 10,000 unnecessary houses in Winchfield and Hook parishes, effectively creating a single conurbation from Hartland Village, through Fleet, Hartley Wintney, Winchfield and Hook. We have termed this abomination Hartley Winchook

Why is Shapley Heath a Bad Idea?

Shapley Heath Garden Village is not required to meet our housing targets; has not been demonstrated to be viable or deliverable; if delivered as planned will push up our housing targets; will have an unnecessary climate change impact and squander around £650K of taxpayers' money

What is the alternative?

There is an alternative approach to the next Local Plan. We can build all we need up to 2041 without large scale green field development by focusing on urban revitalisation and proportionate development