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Community Campaign Hart (CCH) have responded to our request for clarification on their current position on the Winchfield New Town and the redevelopment of Pyestock for housing as part of the Hart Local Plan, an important issue for the Hart Local Elections 2016.  Their answers to our questions and our response is shown below:

Do you support the new town proposed at Winchfield?

Even with the emerging opportunity at Pyestock there will be a need for many more houses to be built both in this plan period and realistically also in the future. A new town option gives the opportunity for a community to be built with sufficient road capacity and local school places such that the development can be sustainable. Forever extending existing communities does not lead to sustainable development.

Our response:

The Pyestock (Hartland Park) development has the capacity to deliver around 1,500 homes.  The density proposed is only around 28dph.  The capacity could be increased by moving to higher density.  Even without that, we have calculated that there is capacity for around 4,000 homes on brownfield sites, whereas we only need to grant permission for a further 2,500 homes up to the end of the plan period.  Nobody has set out any figures to demonstrate that the infrastructure requirements of a new town can be funded, indeed it looks as though the costs will be over £300m and the developer contributions only around £50m. Winchfield Parish Council’s submission to the recent consultation has demonstrated that:

  1. There is a lack of evidence to justify the need for a new settlement
  2. Winchfield is not a suitable location for a new settlement
  3. A new settlement is not a viable approach
  4. There should be more of a focus on alternatives such as brownfield development and dispersal

Do you support the recently announced redevelopment of Pyestock for housing?

We welcome any opportunity to redevelop this derelict site (Pyestock) and believe that housing would have less impact than lorries running through the night. However, as with all major developments, Hart must ensure that the development will provide the necessary school places (especially at a secondary level), delivers any necessary traffic mitigation and that there is no adverse impact on local SSSIs and SPA. At 1,000 to 1,500 new homes, Pyestock does not unfortunately negate the need for a new town.

Our response:

Of course we agree that the required number of school places should be provided, but that also Hampshire County COuncil needs to do a proper long range plan to set out the real need for school places over the rest of the plan period.  We also support traffic mitigation measures and the need to ensure there is no adverse impact on the local SSSI’s and SPA.  However, we do think that this new development at Pyestock negates the need for a new town, and we do not accept that a new town is necessary, viable or deliverable.

So, we have some agreement with CCH on Pyestock, but not on the Winchfield new town. We have updated their position on our summary page, here.



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