Hart Council debacle inspires poetry

People send me stuff.  The poem below, inspired by yesterday’s news,  was sent to me to publish, provided I kept the identity of the author secret.  So, I publish without further comment (to the tune of Oh! Mr Porter):

Oh! Mr Parker

Oh Mr Parker what shall we do?
The council is incompetent,
and now we know it’s true
You’ve pulled the consultation, you’ve really made a mess
Omnishambles sums it up, someone tell the press!

We told you many times to wait,
Don’t do it yet we said
Pause to see figures straight.
But no, against advice you blindly steamed ahead
You rushed it out, it’s all gone wrong, and now you’ve made your bed

Senior heads should surely roll
The council’s a laughing stock
Wasting money on a poll,
Spending all our funds on this really was quite slack
Who is accountable? Is Phillips coming back?

Someone has to sort this mess
And do it pretty quick
Picking up the pieces and telling porkies to the press
Trying to get this run again will be no easy feat,
No errors this time please, we don’t need a repeat.

Oh Mr Parker, you must stop these mistakes
You try to hang this on your staff
But the blame is yours to take
The leader’s led us up the garden path
The truth is out, it really is – he couldn’t run a bath!

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