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Hart is being asked to build too many houses

Hart has set a housing target of 10,185 houses which is more than 2,000 above the already inflated target of 8,022 in the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA). This unnecessary step is causing hundreds of acres of our green fields to be allocated to housing.

Daft to protect derelict eyesores from redevelopment

Hart's office stock is of poor quality and suffers form a high vacancy rate. Yet, Hart has set out plans to protect almost all of our employment sites from redevelopment into housing. They are seeking to protect brownfield sites at the expense of concreting over our green fields. 

Missed opportunity to regenerate our urban centres

The Local Plan identifies a number of issues with our urban centres such as Blackwater, Fleet, Hook and Yateley, yet does not propose any solutions

No plan for infrastructure

Government rules say infrastructure should be planned alongside housing, but the Local Plan does not contain and plan to improve our creaking infrastructure

Inappropriate allocation of green field sites

Hart has inappropriately allocated botched proposals on valuable green field sites

Winchfield failed testing

The proposed Winchfield site failed testing, due to groundwater and surface water flooding, poor road infrastructure and risks to delivery, but it still ranks highly in the sustainability assessment