Key themes for the Hart District Local Plan

Hart is being asked to build too many houses

Find out why we are being asked to build too many houses, what an independent expert says and how this opens us up to building 3,000 houses for Rushmoor and Surrey Heath

There is a brownfield solution

Find out about the case for a brownfield solution, that the sites are available, the innovative new design techniques can rejuvenate our town centres and how a brownfield solution is supported by our local MP, Ranil Jayawardena

Is a Hartley Winchook new town even viable

Find out about what Hart said about a new town in 2012 and take a look at the proposals submitted in February 2015. The latest Hart Council assessments show a tin-man settlement with no heart and one of the sites where 772 new houses are proposed is former landfill. 

Planning for the infrastructure we need

Find out about how our infrastructure is funded, the £78m funding deficit, the costs and contributions for a new town, Ranil's call for use of compulsory purchase powers to fund infrastructure, the impact on our existing towns from a new settlement and whether we need a new secondary school

Adressing the needs of local people

Find out about how a brownfield solution can meet the needs of our growing elderly population and the needs of our young people struggling to get on to the housing ladder.

What are the legal and process issues

Find out about Peter Village QC's views on the process Hart Council is following, our 5-point plan to improve the process and how the governance of the Local Plan is letting us down