The We Love Hart Petition

The We Heart Hart campaign have started a campaign on 38 degrees to petition the council to change its planning policy.

This petition can be found here:

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The petition was submitted to Hart District Council in August and triggered a debate at Cabinet on 1 October.  The council is responding to some of the objectives of the petition, but refuses to challenge the SHMA, commission a study on the environmental and ecological value of the District and refuses to commit to a proper brownfield only strategy.

There will be a new Housing Options paper out for consultation in November 2015.  It remains to be seen how that will be framed and what the outcome will be.

Please support the We Love Hart petition by signing it and sharing it with all your friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.


Ranil Jayawardena’s Petition

Ranil Jayawardena, our local MP has also set up a petition saying brownfield development must be more strongly prioritised by Local Planning Authorities and Neighbourhood Plans must continue to be respected, both in the absence of Local Plans and by Local Planning Authorities when devising Local Plans.  Please support his petition, that can be accessed from the button below:

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