Get Involved

On this page the We Heart Hart campaign has collected a number of materials to help you support and get involved in the campaign easily.  There are sample letters to councillors and posters you can print out to post in the appropriate places all over the district

Link to all downloads

All of our downloads can be found on this page.

Posters, Leaflets and  other materials

Responses to Local Plan Consultation

Respond to Local Plan Consultation in 2 minutes

Housing Options consultation leaflet

Revised submission to Hop Garden Road Appeal

Peter Village QC Legal Opinion

We Heart Hart Campaign Flyer

We Heart Hart Campaign Logo

Simple A4 Poster PDF

Please Sign the Petition A4


Letters and Questions to Council

Letter to Hart Council 20 Nov 2015

Additional Response to Rushmoor Local Plan

Rushmoor Local Plan Response Form

Letter to Hart Councillors rejecting proposal to take 1,600 houses from Rushmoor

We Love Hart Questions for Hart Council

Dear Councillor Letter