St Edward Homes releases Hartland Village consultation material

Hartland Village (Pyestock) near Fleet, Hart District, Hampshire, warehouse development not started

Brownfield Land at Pyestock, Hartland Village Hart District, Hampshire.

St Edwards Homes (part of Berkeley Homes) have released the materials they used in the recent consultation sessions about the proposed Hartland Village.  You can find them on the downloads below. They include the materials used on exhibition boards and a feedback form.

Suggested feedback on Hartland Village

Our feedback would include:

  • More Emphasis to be placed on cycle paths and footpaths to access Fleet railway station and Fleet town centre
  • Improvements required to the surrounding roads to increase capacity and reduce congestion
  • Additional analysis required to help decide if we need a new secondary school in Hart and if so, allocation of some land on this site to provide it, in addition to the primary school
  • Need more detail on the healthcare facilities to be provided

A correspondent has also been in touch asking that St Edward go for a more modern and inspiring approach to the architecture of the buildings.

More detail about the proposals can be found here. We encourage everyone to download the feedback form and send to St Edward:

Hartland Village Exhibition Boards
Hartland Village Feedback Form
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    • I agree, village gives the idea of isolation. It’s an urban extension to Fleet, which is precisely what the consultation identified people didn’t want.

  1. It’s becoming more frequent that I generally agree with you!??. The plans mean that traffic in Fleet would bottleneck, and the proposed village has a spine route through or round it – just the opposite to what they’re proposing which is almost no through route. It needs a spine road, or works to Kennels Lane to make it a safe route and able to act as a East Fleet bypass route for all traffic from Church Crookham etc. Also needs to have better thought given to its travel plan as the numbers they have shown are work journeys and exclude the vast number of trips to school, shopping etc. Which would cause chaos. I also believe thought needs to be given to stop pedestrians and cyclists using Fleet Pond SSSI as a short-cut and damaging it, with a better route around it and physical means to prevent that happening ( long thin pond on NE edge of development?).

    • We are a pretty reasonable bunch that just want our town to remain unspoilt, not a hard view to get on-side with Steve! I agree with you but would say that traffic in Fleet is already bottlenecked, especially around that corner. The route from M3 4a to both Pondtail and Crookham Crossroads is already hellish in rush hour. That said, any roadbuilding needs to minimise impact to the surrounding environment and actually do something to improve the flow of traffic. I would argue that the recent changes along that stretch of road and up to junction 4a have made it worse, it anything.

    • The Car problem always comes back to spreading out a town to thinly forcing people into cars rather than walking or cycling only way to solve this problem is to build more housing in the town centre otherwise it will continue to get worse.

    • As I’ve said before, in my view, the best use for this site, for the people of Fleet anyway, would be to allow it to continue to return to nature and add it to Fleet Pond. That way we preserve at least a little bit of green space in what is an increasingly urbanised east Hart.

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